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Best Practices

The available time for custom design and development and final project completion is constantly decreasing. On the other side , demand for quality is increasing. To implement an innovative approach, it is not only necessary to consider the specific aspects of design development and construction production, but also to aim for early cooperation with the architect, subcontractors and system suppliers and to include the constructability and production assembly demands of the design and the installation teams. Only then can a certain degree of maturity be ensured for an innovative and flexible Integrated Project Delivery concept. Consequently, production planning must already be well integrated into the process of developing ideas and the concept phase, due to both time and economic considerations.

Jensen Construction bridges the gap between the creativity that is inherent to the process of innovative design , the design process, and the specific requirements associated with production, construction and installation. The challenging market requirements also play a decisive role in this process. Depending on client’s specific project requirements (project management services or a complete general contracting services), Jensen Construction can provide integrated construction, commercial and residential, services and interior fit-out using its reliable member network sources for construction services and manufactured products. Jensen Construction project management, structural engineering, MEP, “building envelope” and finishes teams are involved from the initial design planning stage onwards. We embraced BIM concept and are leading the way. This means that the most unusual of design concepts can be virtually implemented and remain affordable. On request, Jensen Construction ,can provide sample materials, create virtual prototypes or complete show areas.

Working closely with its network members companies Jensen Construction is capable to provide complete construction services : from foundations to fixtures and fittings, to equipmentand individual itemsof furniture. Our network member size and capacity enables to complete any-scale design-build residential projects, as well as mid size commercial, to a very high standard, on budget and on schedule. Industrial production processes, combined with the skills of craftsmen, helps our clients to solve complex project areas - at a very competitive price. This combination of individual services can produce significant benefits for clients in terms of cost and scheduling by keeping interfaces with other trades to a minimum. In addition, our expert and professional service and maintenance team will be available for our clients, even after handover.

Job Site Conditions

Jensen Construction provides integrated construction services and fit-out products through four project stages:

1) Design

• Expert advice for Client’s Architect (through all stages: architectural concept, construction, function, material selection )

• Unique BIM platform for virtual 3D prototypes, construction and samples

2) Planning

• Detailed planning in close collaboration with the Client

• Production of manufacturing and detailed drawings

• Creation of exact schedules and budgets

3) Production

• Superior manufacturing process monitored by experts

• Large percentage of partner network manufacturing (several stone ,metal, glass, wood manufacturing and furniture companies )

4) Construction

• Reliable on-site management on all projects

• Quality, budget and scheduling supervision throughout the construction project


New Custom Homes


Jensen Construction coordinates an exclusive partner network with respectable subcontractor and manufacturing capacity going back many years, and can thus guarantee quick delivery and installation of all services and products providing the ultimate in knowledge and expertise for guaranteed superior quality.